Japan Tours on a Budget


Japan is a fun and exciting place to visit, but it is not only for the wealthy. If you are on a shoe-string budget you can still take advantage of the food, culture, and sight-seeing that Japan has to offer. Planning a trip to Japan on a budget, is much easier to accomplish than you think. Take a look at the budget conscious options below!


The first aspect of taking a holiday in Japan is actually getting yourself there. Planning your holiday in advance allows you to get flights at a lower rate than you would if you bought the flight closer to the date you are expected to leave.

You may also find great discounts by booking online or by booking through a travel agency. The important aspect to remember when booking flights on a budget is to do so as early as possible and to explore your options to find the best deal.


Getting around Japan is easier to do than you think and public transport caters to the public by being clean, easy to use, and of course, affordable. Even as a foreigner you can purchase a JR pass for the subway line. This can bring the cost down significantly since you can pre-pay the card and just scan it each time you use it instead of having to pay for a full ticket each time you want to use public transport.

Renting a vehicle can be affordable if you are planning to travel across Japan and you do not want to use public transport. Taxis are also widely available, but they are not the most cost effective way to travel long distances.


The amount of activities you can take advantage of that are either quite cheap or even free is overwhelming. There are hundreds of gardens, parks, and temples that do not charge entry fees and offer pristine views, lush greenery and botanicals, and rich culture and history.

There is also the infamous Tsujiki fish market. It is free to walk around and check out all the fresh seafood Japan has to offer at the world’s largest seafood market.

Harajuku station is a great place to hang out for the simple aspect of people watching. Harajuku is a crowded, fashionable place that is at it’s peak when it comes to pop culture. You can see several Harajuku girls that are always happy to snap a picture with tourists.

Shibuya Crossing is another famous place in Tokyo. There are so many people and several crosswalks and when the walking man indicates its time to walk, get ready to be amazed. You will see thousands of people suddenly in the streets and the flow of this foot traffic is down to a science. You can step into a coffee shop or bakery on a higher floor to get the best view of this awesome feat.


The food in Japan is one of the main reasons visitors come back again and again. While there are hundreds of upscale eateries, you can also get good eats on a budget. There are many little food stalls and hole in the wall restaurants that can provide a good, hot meal for a cheap price. Keep a look out too for restaurants that offer all you can eat for a low price.

If you are staying a place that has a small kitchen, the cost of groceries are reasonably priced as well. Whether you are planning on cooking or going out, you can easily stay within budget.

Places to Stay

Japan provides lots of options for tourists when it comes to accommodation. There are hostels, capsule hotels, and home stay options that are budget friendly. You may even be able to find a discount or special deal if you book your stay in advance. Take a look here for more information on travelling to Japan on a budget.

No matter what your budget is, you can see and do several things throughout Japan without going over your budget. From cheap food, free activities, and low cost transport, you will find that it is surprisingly easy to stay within your budget while you have adventures. Stop thinking that travel to Japan is just for the wealthy. Plan ahead and do your research and you too, can travel to Japan on a budget.