Gap year travel – Go for it


Whenever we talk about a gap year, it’s about a year after high school, just before you enter college. A gap year at that juncture is often considered a necessary step to get your priorities in order. But what about a gap year after college, just before looking at work or a career? Does it make sense? Let’s take a look.

Let’s face it; while we think college is life, it’s actually what you do after college that has lasting impact. Why not take a year off before that time where things get real? If you think about it, there’s hardly anyone who’s going to say no to the adventure of a lifetime!

A gap year might be fun for you but it can also be seriously impressive on a resume. That’s of course, if you’ve done more than just travel and party. Get some serious work experience while you’re out there in the real world and make your time away from work count for something.

There’s a sense of freedom and infinite possibilities when you travel when young. Of course, there’s no particular time to travel- any time is a good time. But there’s something special about travelling when the world is your oyster. You’re young and there’s so much to see and do. Travel takes on a magical hue in such a time.

Think about the contrast in the education you’ve received and the one you will receive in the gap year. There’s knowledge that comes from books and that from experience. A gap year helps you put theory to practice and can prove invaluable in more ways than one. A gap year by itself is great, but when you can connect college to life, you will see a different approach to the entire exercise.

A gap year after college will give you a sense of what you really want to in terms of work. If you’ve got an idea of where your passion lies, find work in your gap year to fit into that. This experience will help you clearly understand if this is what you were meant to do. If yes, then the work experience will surely add value. If no, then you have time to rectify it before spending a lifetime, or at any rate, a few years in a field you do not like.

On the downside, a gap year after college means more competition when you return, your education may not be as current as it was and you might need to do some catching up. A gap year can also be an expensive proposition and having just paid for college, you’ll have to take a serious look at what you can and cannot afford. You could earn some money selling some of your belongings from college- old textbooks, furnishings, etc. The ones that you cannot do without, you can put in storage. Climate controlled storage units Tempe is a great idea in this regard. These units use high quality HVAC systems that are heating, ventilation and air conditioning, to give your things the best possible environment to be stored in.