Chaukori: Where Silence Speaks


Are you one who finds solace in silence? Are you one who believes that the heart speaks in a language which only the other heart can feel and not listen to? Are you one who finds beauty in unusual places, if you are then for your honeymoon destination we have a place which overflows with peace and serenity.

Away from the go getters, the rat races, the packed streets and lit stores filling your soul and life with things rather than experiences to cherish, lies the sleepy hamlet of Chaukori.  It is a small village in the Pilthogarh district of Uttarakhand which will not instantly come up in the list of best Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India if you search the internet. However for those who like to explore their connection with their soul mates in a place filled with the magical beauty of nature, Chaukori is a dream honeymoon destination. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and its magic in its elusiveness. A visit to Chaukori is a precious experience, not comparable to any other popular honeymoon destination.

Time stands still in Chaukori letting you craft your own moments of magic. Lying 2010 meters above sea level ensures that the weather is pleasant all year round.  The breeze is fragrant with smell of tea leaves because of its proximity to several thriving tea estates. There is greenery all around, thick foliage of trees, plenty of birds adding surprising splashes of color to the environment and the fruit gardens with their bounty of fresh fruit, sparkling like multi colored jewels in the sunlight playing merrily on them. Here each day dawns with the promise of endless opportunities. Speaking of dawns the sunrise in Chaukori is breathtaking. The sun rises and light peaks through several layers of mist, coloring the surrounding snowy peaks with vibrant colors that look more in place in an artist’s canvas. Here Nature is free and that freedom is expressed in the joyful warbling of birds, in the expanse of the blue sky and the majesty of the mighty mountains.

Unlike other popular touristy Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India destinations here you actually get a chance to open your hearts and let them speak uninterrupted by noise and cacophony. However because it is a serene place, that does not imply that there is a dearth of things to do in Chaukori. There are mountain trips you could take or nature trails to embark on with your partner. Make a day trip to Beriang, another picturesque village lying nearby. This little village, lying at an elevation of 1,740 mts is known for the ancient snake temples. There are several snake temples in this village, the most famous of them is perhaps the Veni Nag Devta temple. Beriang is only about 12 kiss away from Chaukori. The lust tea gardens of Beirang are also a visual treat with the lush greenery and the scented breeze filling your senses completely with the freshness of natural splendor all around you. The outskirts of the village is surrounded by thick forests allowing you to view the amazing range of natural flora and fauna.

Dharamghar which is located only at a distance of about 9 km from Chaukori offers you a splendid view of the snow covered Himalaya, standing tall and magnificent in all its glory. Himdarshan Kutir at Dharamghar, founded by the disciples of the great visionary Mahatma Gandhi offers the perfect vantage point to the beautiful and dazzling snowy peaks. It is a sight you will not forget in a hurry. In places like this memories are made for a lifetime. Is it not what a loving honeymoon should be? Filled with memories to last a lifetime created together with the person you have promised your entire lifetime to?

The nights is Chaukori are also something you will never be able to forget. Here the skies are mostly clear at night and as you look up you are astounded by the presence of several stars twinkling at you from a distance beyond imagination. To visit this idyllic and romantic honeymoon destination you have to fly down to the nearest airport of Pantnagar, 227 km away from Chaukori, and take a cab to drive you here.